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How to correctly select the filter cartridge of the filter cartridge


The filter dust collector is a new type of dust collector equipment for purifying dust. This dust collector device purifies even finer dust. We all know that it is not omnipotent to protect a dust collector. All have their right working conditions. Some are suitable for a dry dry dust with no corrosive properties, and some are specially used to purify sulfur-containing flue gas, so it is very important for the correct choice of dust removal equipment.
The filter dust collector uses the filter element to purify the flue gas. Different types of flue gas match the filter elements of different materials. So, is it suitable for a certain type of flue gas to use the filter deduster?
(1) The high temperature of the flue gas. Bag type dust collectors are mainly used in dust removal of industrial boilers, fluidized bed boilers, kiln furnaces and coal-fired power station boilers. The temperature of such flue gas is often relatively high, and the temperature when the gas is introduced into the precipitator is generally about 100 ° C - 300 ° C. Therefore, the performance of ordinary chemical fiber at this temperature will be affected, then the filter material of the bag filter must use high temperature resistant fiber material. Therefore, it is not suitable to use the filter dust collector for purification.
(2) Corrosion of acid gases. When burning high-sulfur coal or flue gas without desulfurization, the concentration of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides will be high. Except for the filter element of FT filter material, other chemical synthetic fiber materials will be corroded and damaged. Filter cartridge filter life will be shortened.
(3) Oxidation of flue gas. The flue gas has a certain oxidation effect on the filter element, because the oxygen in the air accounts for 21%, and the temperature of the flue gas is very high, so the dust bag will suffer from the work when it is working, so to avoid this situation, it is necessary to choose Filter material with anti-oxidation filter
(4) Moisture in the flue gas. When operating at high temperature, when the moisture content of the dust in the flue gas exceeds 25%, the dust will produce an easy-to-adhere filter and block the filter. If the hydrolysis of the material is not high, the hydrolysis will damage the filter. .

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