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  • Festo Product in Ahmedabad, PU Pipe in Ahmedabad


    Janatics Products Ahmedabad, Festo Product in Ahmedabad, Industrial Valves in Ahmedabad, MS Fitting For More Details Please Visit us online at : http://

  • Wet collector scrubbing action video – Vodex Ltd


    Wet collectors and wet scrubbers collect microscopic particles by injecting fine mists of water into the exhaust. The moving particles cannot avoid impacting into the droplets, making them easier to collect. Scrubbers must do two things: bring pollutants into contact with the water mist, then remove the airborne water mist. They are to be recommended for white metals such as aluminium or titanium grinding dust that can become explosive in a dry filter system.

  • Industrial Clutches, Brakes And Pneumatic Products by Aero Clutch Industries, Ghaziabad


    [] Established as a Sole Proprietorship firm in the year 2005, at Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we “Aero Clutch Industries”, are known as the prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of qualitative gamut of Pneumatic Clutches, Pneumatic Control Valves, Pneumatic Brake Units, Industrial Brakes, Rotor Seals, Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Control Panel, etc. Offered products are manufactured and designed with high precision using top quality raw material and innovative technology in compliance with industry set quality standards under the management of quality controllers.

  • Molex - Product of the Quarter Videos - KK® and MLX™ Connectors


    MolexKK® and MLX™ Connectors: Industry-compatible Systems for Power and Signal Distribution Two industry-standard connector lines share the spotlight for proven performance and versatility: KK connectors and the MLX family. These products are widely recognized for their use in power and signal distribution in nearly every electronics market, from appliances, to gaming equipment, H-VAC systems and interior vehicle applications. We highlight their key customer advantages and design wins. The KK family of headers, housings and PCB receptacles is based on standard pitch sizes, from 2.54 to 5.08mm. The discerning feature of this economical wire-to-board and board-to-board system is the dual-cantilever terminal. It hosts a locking tang to prevent back-out and comes in options for high-vibration applications. The MarKK™ terminal features four points of contact to carry up to 13 Amps per circuit, for nearly double the current capacity of the standard KK terminal. All KK headers feature friction-lock ramps for extra mating assurance and are easily customizable. Breakaway styles are ideal for prototyping by cutting down on inventory costs. In addition, the robust header design and post-plated terminals set KK above the competition for added reliability. The KK series is ideal for a variety of applications, including fire alarms and ATMs. New designs are appearing in the medical industry in heart monitors and dental equipment, as well as in the automotive industry in signal controls and panel lighting. The MLX product family is an industry-standard, 6.35mm-pitch connector line for use in all types of power distribution. These connectors are qualified for high current, from 13.5 to 20 amps, for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications. The MLX series is interchangeable with other compatible makes, and is UL and CSA certified. The crimp housings and PCB headers feature positive locks and accommodate both male and female terminals for greater design flexibility. In addition to standard 94V-0 and V-2 ratings, MLX is available in a wide range of Glow-wire capable versions, to meet safety and environmental requirements in the home appliance industry. Common applications for MLX include: Servers and power supplies in the data telecom market. Motors and Gas Valves for H-VAC applications. As well as in LED lighting and industrial controllers. You can learn more about KK® connectors( ), MLX™ products ( ) and related application tooling by visiting And stay connected with Molex by visiting our Facebook page and our blog,

  • KOKS MultiVac Pressure/vacuum truck with blower


    The KOKS MultiVac pressure/vacuum truck is designed for (heavy) industrial applications and is suitable for suctioning, discharging and transporting fluid and hazardous substances, such as liquids, sludge, fats, oils, fuels and chemicals. The KOKS MultiVac pressure/vacuum truck is specially developed for working in colder regions, is among other things equipped with a 2.600 m3/h ATEX blower, a high pressure pump with a storage water tank in a sound insulated heated housing with heated valves and is SIR certified. Special for working with hazardous and contaminated substances, the truck is available in PED, ASME, ADR (CEOC) and/or ATEX (Ex) versions and is built in accordance with all applicable safety standards. For more information, please contact KOKS Group Alkmaar.

  • Oxygen Mask Anaethesia Mask Air Cushion Mask Venturi Mask Series


    All different kinds of high quality medical grade soft PVC masks, such as oxygen mask, anaethesia mask, air cushion mask, venturi mask, details are showed as following: A1. Made of medical grade PVC, nontoxic A2. High transparency for better visualization A3. Specially designed for High Concentration Oxygen Therapy A4. Non return valves provided at inhale and exhale points, prevent Carbon dioxide retention A5. Light weight with Elastic Strap for oxygen mask to improve the oxygen efficiency and patient comfort A6. PE pouch bag packing normally A7. Sterilized (EO) or in bulk without sterilization, 50-100pcs/carton packing mostly A8. Oxygen mask size: ADULT & CHILD A9. Anaethesia mask size: 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6# Please feel free to send us any enquiry for more details if you are interested in! Andrew High Precision Machinery Co., Ltd ADD: Furong Industrial Zone, Xishan Town, Changzhou/Guangzhou City, China. WEBSITE: WECHAT: andreychao MOBILE/WHATSAPP: 0086-18020502808 EMAIL:

  • Sakthi Auto Ancillary Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore - Manufacturer of Butterfly Valves India


    About Company:- Sakthi Auto Ancillary Private Limited, SAAPL, part of the Sakthi Group, a prestigious business conglomerate in South India, is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Butterfly Valves. Products we export:- 1.Butterfly Valves 2.Swing Check Valves 3.Butterfly Lug Valves 4. Resilient Seated Gated Valves 100% OEM Manufacturer of Butterfly Valves. Check out our website at Facebook:

  • Industrial-Grade Triplex Water Softener Systems - A Marlo Incorporated Featured Project


    We recently completed the fabrication of an Industrial-Grade, Triplex Water Softener System for a major US based mining facility. The application is for general utility water usage including boiler and cooling tower feed. The total system capacity is 500-GPM with 2 vessels online and 1 vessel in regeneration or standby mode. All equipment designed for a severe-duty, outdoor environment. Key Features • 96” Diameter, Epoxy-Lined Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels • ASME Code Stamped Pressure Vessels, 175 psig Working Pressure • Dual, 36” Covered Manways with Davit-Arm Assemblies per Vessel • 250 cubic feet of High Efficiency, Cation Softening Resin per Vessel • Stainless Steel Internal Distributor System with Separate Brine Regenerant Inlet • Refinery-Grade, High Performance Butterfly Control Valves • 316 Stainless Steel Exterior Pipework (per B31.3 Welding Code) • Structural Carbon Steel Overhead Service Platforms with Ladders • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) System • Duplex Brine Transfer Pump Skid Assembly

  • Automatic water softener for Residential home industrial use hyderabad India


    ph, 9676111136, Automatic water softener for Residential home industrial use hyderabad India. We are manufacturing automatic water softeners, we use Initiative solo multiport valves, Ion exchange resins, Pentair/leo/advanced composite FRP pressure vessels. These softeners suitable for Residential, home, villas, independent houses, communities, group housings, hotels, hospitals, industries, boiler feed, cooling tower application, apartments, restaurants, duplex houses, multiplexes, etc. We have supplied to more than 100 customers in hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra pradesh in India. We supply hardness test kits to check the water hardness. In automatic water softener, softener it self sucks the salt at the time of regeneration, after injection of salt, it shifts its mode to rinsing and then to service mode.

  • Industrial Water Softener Systems by Marlo Incorporated - May 2017 Featured Project


    In May, we completed the fabrication of a Triplex Industrial Water Softener Skid for a medical device manufacturing company. It is a “Progressive Flow” system with additional vessels automatically placed into service as the water demand increases. The primary use for the softened water will be boiler feed operations with a design peak flow rate of 300-GPM. Our engineering team was able to meet a special customer request for a system that uses corrosion resistant FRP pressure vessels but still wanted the extra durability of stainless steel piping and skid. Key Features Include • Fully Skid Mounted, Pre-Piped, Pre-Wired, and Factory Tested System • Composite FRP Pressure Vessels with Tri-Pod Base (48” Diameter) • Welded, 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Pipework (Schedule 10) • Structural, 304 Stainless Steel Skid/Frame Assembly • Pneumatic Actuated, Butterfly Type Control Valves • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC with 7” Touchscreen Display • Ethernet Communication to Building Management System (BMS) • Badger Magnetic-Type Flowmeters • Direct Brine Feed from Existing Bulk Brinemaker Silo & Pump



    What is BOILER FEEDWATER PUMP? What does BOILER FEEDWATER PUMP mean? BOILER FEEDWATER PUMP meaning - BOILER FEEDWATER PUMP definition - BOILER FEEDWATER PUMP explanation. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - Source: article, adapted under license. A boiler feedwater pump is a specific type of pump used to pump feedwater into a steam boiler. The water may be freshly supplied or returning condensate produced as a result of the condensation of the steam produced by the boiler. These pumps are normally high pressure units that take suction from a condensate return system and can be of the centrifugal pump type or positive displacement type. Feedwater pumps range in size up to many horsepower and the electric motor is usually separated from the pump body by some form of mechanical coupling. Large industrial condensate pumps may also serve as the feedwater pump. In either case, to force the water into the boiler, the pump must generate sufficient pressure to overcome the steam pressure developed by the boiler. This is usually accomplished through the use of a centrifugal pump. Another common form of feedwater pumps run constantly and are provided with a minimum flow device to stop overpressuring the pump on low flows. The minimum flow usually returns to the tank or deaerator. Mechanical seals of boiler feedwater pumps often show signs of electrical corrosion. The relative movement between the sliding ring and the stationary ring provokes static charging which is not diverted due to the very low conductivity of the boiler water below one micro-Siemens per cm . Within short periods of operation – in some cases only a few hundred operational hours – pieces having the size of finger tips break off from the sliding and/or the stationary ring and cause rapid increases in leakage current. Diamond-coated (DLC) mechanical seals avoid this problem and extend durability remarkably. Steam locomotives and the steam engines used on ships and stationary applications such as power plants also require feedwater pumps. In this situation, though, the pump was often powered using a small steam engine that ran using the steam produced by the boiler. A means had to be provided, of course, to put the initial charge of water into the boiler (before steam power was available to operate the steam-powered feedwater pump). The pump was often a positive displacement pump that had steam valves and cylinders at one end and feedwater cylinders at the other end; no crankshaft was required. A duplex steam pump has two sets of steam and water cylinders. They are not physically connected but the steam valves on the first pump are operated by the movement of the second pump's piston rod, and vice versa. The result is that there are no "dead spots" and the pump is always self-starting.

  • Difference between|Impellers| Single Suction|and|Double Suction


    Single suction or double suction refers to the number of suction eyes of the impeller. In a single suction impeller, fluid enters through one side only Double suction impellers are designed to eliminate this imbalance. To visit our amazing store you can buy recommended next equipment:- pumps Variable Displacement Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump Circulator Pump, Pump Flexible Impeller 1 1/2 HP 115/230V Trash Pump Commercial / Indust DAYTON 4UP61 Pump, Turbine, 5 HP DAYTON 1XLN1 Pump, Centrifugal Coolant, 8 Stages Streamline Industrial SPRINKLER BOOSTER PUMP Commercial Vertical Immersible Pump Hydraulic Pump Centrifugal Pump, 5 HP, 11.8/5.9 Amps GRAYMILLS High Pressure Multi-Stage Pump Streamline Industrial CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Heavy Viscosity Apps Streamline Industrial CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Heavy Viscosity Apps Related books pumps power plant maintenance book Centrifugal Pump User's Guidebook: Problems and Solutions How to start-up a centrifulgal pump (The most valuable experience in operation Book 1) Senior Pump Operator(Passbooks) (Career Examination Series) PUMP USER'S HANDBOOK: LIFE EXTENSION, 3rd Edition To support our channel on patreon you can watch more videos in mechanical rotating equipment on Boiler|Condensate and Feed Water Steam |Turbine Components شرح اجزاء ومكونات التربينة انواع محطات توليد الكهرباء Types of Power Plants دورة المياه والبخار للغلايات Boiler Water and Steam Cycles Boiler|Fundamentals|Basic|and|Operation Boiler Operation and Combustion شرح رائع| تغيير حشوات الطلمبة| Pump|Packing Replacement Mechanical Seal| Maintenance Valve Packing Replacement Compressor Valve Operation and Maintenance الميكرومتر|امثلة| outside micrometer(mm) reading& examples valves types| and|operation |ما هى انواع |الصمامات|واستخداماتها اسهل طريقة قياس| القدمة ذات الورنية مللى| vernier caliper mm #shady_Ghazy_Learn_Engineering #

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